According to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, during President Biden’s tenure, “lawlessness and crime is the new normal in many communities across America, and it is a direct result of Democrats’ inaction and criminal-friendly laws.”

McCarthy further stated that a “sophisticated” and organized crime ring, consisting of Chilean nationals, is taking advantage of Chile’s status in the US Visa Waiver Program to enter the United States. He alleged that these individuals are engaged in home burglaries in various parts of southern California while also using China for money laundering.

“While Chile refuses to share criminal background information with us so we can conduct checks on those entering our country, Secretary Mayorkas also fails to act. If this continues, House Republicans will restrict funding for this program,” McCarthy warned, highlighting the potential consequences of the current situation.

In a concerted effort to address the “escalating” crime operation, federal and local law enforcement officials joined forces with Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other Members of California’s Congressional delegation on Friday. Their objective, according to McCarthy was to sound the alarm regarding this alarming surge in criminal activity.

The speakers emphasized the united stance of their communities in their desire to regain a sense of law and order. They also emphasized the need for leaders who will prioritize the safety and well-being of their constituents.

Secretary [Mayorkas] has ignored the safety of Americans. If you’ve ever been robbed in your house, you lose more than just your property. You lose the sense of safety. You question who drives by your house again. You question when you walk into your house,  will you be safe. Your children don’t know if they’ll be safe and sleep with a night light,” said McCarthy.

“Based upon the information that we’ve gotten today thanks to Todd Spitzer and the law enforcement –  when we mark up appropriations coming in the next weeks, we will put a provision in there, because Secretary Mayorkas will not act, that we will not allow him to use money when it comes to Chile for the visa waiver program until this issue is solved so Americans are safe,” he concluded.

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