On Thursday, September 20, 2018, Ambassador Bolton outlined the four main pillars of the newly announced National Cyber Strategy.

The newly announced National Cyber Strategy contains four main pillars aimed at supporting American strength in the cyber domain. Ambassador Bolton, in the press briefing on Thursday, September 20, has talked comprehensively about the US strategic plans on the cybersecurity front.  

President Trump said that the National Cyber Strategy is an important step in keeping his election promise to “us all available means to keep America safe from cyber threats.”

Newly released National Cyber Strategy “will accomplish critical security objectives while supporting American prosperity, preserving peace through strength, and advancing American influence.  Informed by the Strategy’s guidance, Federal departments and agencies will more effectively execute their missions to make America cyber secure,” President added. 

The four main pillars of the National Cyber Strategy go as follows: 

PROTECTING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, THE HOMELAND, AND OUR WAY OF LIFE: Strengthening American cybersecurity is central to the National Cyber Strategy.

o   Securing Federal networks and information and our Nation’s critical infrastructure

o   Combatting cybercrime and improving incident reporting 

PROMOTING AMERICAN PROSPERITY: President Trump’s National Cyber Strategy will help protect cyberspace as an engine of economic growth and innovation.

o   Fostering a vibrant and resilient digital economy

o   Protecting American ingenuity from threats such as intellectual property theft

o   Developing a superior cybersecurity workforce through education and recruitment

PRESERVING PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH: The National Cyber Strategy will strengthen efforts to deter destabilizing activity in cyberspace.

o   Promoting responsible behavior among nation states

o   Working to ensure there are consequences for irresponsible cyber behavior

o   Launching an international Cyber Deterrence Initiative

o   Exposing and countering online malign influence and information campaigns

ADVANCING AMERICAN INFLUENCE: The National Cyber Strategy will preserve the long-term openness of the internet, which supports and reinforces American interests.

o   Encouraging Nations to advance internet freedom

o   Advancing a multi-stakeholder model of internet governance

o   Promoting open, interoperable, reliable, and secure communications infrastructure

o   Opening overseas markets for American ingenuity

o   Building international cyber capacity

Read The National Cyber Strategy Here

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