A local council member confirmed that the UK government is considering using the former RAF Scampton base near Lincoln to house asylum seekers. The West Lindsey District Council was informed that approximately 1,500 people could be accommodated there. RAF Weathersfield in Essex was also suggested as a possible location.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, whose constituency includes Weathersfield, cited the site’s remote location, limited transport infrastructure, and narrow road network as reasons why it may not be suitable for asylum accommodation.

“There are reports in the media that the Home Office plans to accommodate asylum seekers at the former MDP Weathersfield. I’ve spoken with the Immigration Minister who has confirmed that while this is being considered, along with other similar sites, a final decision has not been made at this stage,” said Cleverly. “I highlighted the remote nature of the site, the limited transport infrastructure and narrow road network, and all of these factors would mean that the site wasn’t appropriate for asylum accommodation,” he added.

The Immigration Minister confirmed that the proposal is still under consideration.

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