Behind the scenes at food bank listening session with VP Kamala Harris where she talks about how the American Rescue Plan is helping families across the country.

Our route was delayed on the way to the food bank. We were on I-10 when our vehicles slowed down dramatically, to about 20 mph, for several minutes. 

Pooler inquired about what happened and this is on background from the White House: 
Due to police activity in the area the Vice President’s motorcade was rerouted. I refer you to the local police for anything further.


VP Harris  entered the event at 3:40 pm and offered personalized greetings for the attendees.  

Nikki Fried, Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, told VP that 40% of black families and 39% of Hispanic families in the area are experiencing chronic hunger. 

VP spoke and said that “the work that we did on the American Rescue Plan was designed with you mind, ” and broke out some specific benefits from the plan: 

– The ARP increases SNAP benefits by 15%, or $230/month, through the end of September. 
– The P-EBT program, which provides funds to feed kids who are on free and reduced lunches, is extended through the end of the pandemic 
– WIC benefits have been extended by some $880 million 

VP told the group that she was concerned of the pandemic’s impact on children and “what will have an impact in terms of their ability to develop and to reach their God-given capacity.” 

VP, on Congressman Al Lawson, who also participated: “I see him in rooms where there are cameras and there are no cameras. And he is always fighting for the people of Florida. 

Event is now turned over to participants and is ongoing. 
Will dash off further highlights if warranted. 

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