ethical behavior

Good ethical behavior is an integral part of effective decision-making and makes all the difference in your life.

Although breaking the rules may lead to mass fortunes, there is often little attention given to the fact that beneath this glamor lies a corrupt foundation, where results are sought out, in complete ignorance of ethics.

In modern business settings, people often make decisions in favor of a company’s well-being but when these decisions are prioritized at the cost of good ethics, problems do arise. Once you equip yourself with knowledge of its importance, you will be well on your way to making the right decisions for yourselves and others.

Good ethics allow for sincerity and trust to be developed, therefore strengthening your relationships.

Good ethical behavior leads to inner peace

Dishonest actions only put you in a state of fear as you are constantly worried about the consequences of your deeds. The situation is quite different when you haven’t violated any morals instilled in you, in which case there is no reason for guilt to reside within your heart and soul. If an unethical monetary transaction with your peer brings you large amounts of money, of what use is it if your inner peace and tranquility are snatched away due to it.

Even your own perception of yourself changes once you partake in unethical activities. That is, guilt eventually plagues your conscience and completely strips you of your peace. You must keep in mind the consequences of acting unethically before you risk it all for something which you will later regret. No matter how petty an unethical act may be, such as shop-lifting in a convenience store, it should not be pursued. Not only will you get yourself into legal trouble, the act will take its toll on your mind and body.

Your ethical behavior is closely linked to others’ perception of you

Whether you act ethically or unethically, the people in your surroundings will respond. If you are doing good things, you will be praised and even rewarded to motivate you to continue doing wonderful things in the future. However, when unethical behavior is discovered, others will no longer view you in the same manner as they once did.

Such was the case with Wells Fargo & Company, a world-renowned banking, and financial services company. The year 2011 was only a beginning of a major series of events and scandals that defamed the company. The company was creating fake accounts and this served as an additional stream of income, though it was highly unethical. The company has taken a blow to its prestige that has been plagued with millions of dollars in fines and penalties.

What’s important for you to realize is that the best way to avoid tangling yourself into a mess is to act ethically from the start. Refrain from committing trivial crimes as they will be your gateway to bigger unethical acts.

In conclusion, although ethics is quite an overlooked aspect in the race to wealth and prestige, it has far-reaching effects that should be ignored no further. Whether you are an individual or a company, your focus should be to make your actions as ethical as possible, no matter how big or small they may be.

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