FLOTUS and Philip May attended a garden party in the PM’s Rose Garden. 

The two came in on to a terrace a few minutes after 1 pm and waved. There was a row of kids waiting to greet them holding either a British or an American flag. A few of the kids had flowers for FLOTUS and one of them gave her a hug (stills captured). She thanked them. 

“Love the flags,” Mr. May said. 
“Very nice,” FLOTUS said. 

They then moved down off the terrace to sign a banner that all the kids who attended also signed. 
“Didn’t get too wet?” Mr. May asked the kids. “Who’s here from the United States?” FLOTUS asked the kids. A few raised their hands. 
She spoke to them about where they are from and what they like to do. It was hard to hear over the music. 

The two then posed for a photo with a bunch of the kids (stills captured).  It was a festive atmosphere in the garden. There was a popcorn stand, lemonade stand and a shoot and score basketball game.  Pool also spotted small ice cream cones and hot dogs. 
Attending were families from staff of the US embassy and Downing Street, per the PM’s office. 

The garden was decorated with red, white and blue balloons. People were holding British or American flags. A band played ragtime music. 
The rain that had been coming down stopped in time for FLOTUS and Mr. May to enjoy the party. 

Also pool got a closer view of FLOTUS’ outfit. She was wearing a belted light brown coat with a dark skirt underneath – either dark brown or black. 
Pool was pulled after about 10 minutes. FLOTUS and Mr. May were still at the party.  

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