FLEET STREET: The Pavlovic Today takes a look at Thursday’s front pages in the UK.

“Trafigura warned Credit Suisse on Greensill’s suspect Gupta invoice” on the cover of the Financial Times

Thursday's FT

Metro headlines “It’s An F For Failed Gavin” 

Metro“Gen Z: A generation feeling betrayed and ready to fight back” on the cover of The Guardian

Thursday's Guardian

The Daily Telegraph headlines “School tsar quits over catch-up funding” 

“‘Nepal valiant’ threat to our holidays” on the cover of the Daily Mail

Thursday's Daily Mail

“Summer holiday warning” on the cover of

Daily Mirror headlines “You’ve let down the children…again” 

Thursday's Mirror

“You’ve failed a generation of children, Johnson told” on the cover of The Times

Thursday's TIMES

The Independent headlines “Covid data on lockdown ‘ambiguous’, PM admits” 

Thursday's Independent

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