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The First Lady Melania Trump sets off on a new journey by focusing on women’s rights and pediatric hospital care.  Melania Trump has streamlined her attention on fulfilling her FLOTUS duties. Not only with pediatric hospital visits but also with a more recent event on March 8th. She seems to be focusing her resources and the media onto her work with both women and children. On March 8th, Melania Trump embarked on a new journey in terms of her First Lady entertainment skills. She hosted a women’s luncheon in honor of International Women’s Day. Each banquet table was adorned with its own spring floral centerpiece, including lavender, pharaoh tulips, and sweet pea flowers. The First Lady received a standing ovation when she walked in.

Melania Trump
The First Lady at the New York Presbyterian hospital

On March 2, 2017, the new First Lady emerged out of her car and into New York Presbyterian hospital. This was  not her first visit.  A White House aide stood close-by and carried a box filled with colorful children’s books. She ventured into the pediatric unit, where she sat in a room full of patients. On Dr. Seuss’s birthday, she shared the glory, intrigue, and magic of education with children. The First Lady said: “I came to encourage you to read, and to think about what you want to achieve in life.” She started by reading Oh, the Places You’ll Go! She continually encouraged children to stay hopeful and optimistic through treatment and told them “You go places where you feel better.” Towards the end of the visit, she imparted knowledge onto a little girl reading that “Remember that life’s a great balancing act.” She left the little girl with the book after she energetically raised her hand, posed for some pictures and then proceeded to leave. The First Lady has faced a lot of skepticism towards the beginning of her husband’s presidency regarding her staying in New York and delay in White House aid appointments. These events mark Mrs. Trump’s new journey and focus on women’s rights and pediatric hospital care. By publicizing this visit, Melania Trump was able to quench the ‘critics’. These acts of kindness and charity is a good first step to draw public attention to important causes.  

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