Prince Harry

The First Lady Melania Trump meets Prince Harry at the Sheraton in downtown Toronto. 

The First Lady Melania Trump entered first the small room at the Sheraton in downtown Toronto. Shortly after she was introduced to “His Royal Highness.”

“Hello,” she said smiling. Price Harry stretched out his right hand and they shook hands briefly. “Nice to meet you,” Prince Harry of Wales responded warmly. 

They stood side-by-side and smiled for photos before taking their seats in two club chairs placed in front of their respective Mrs. Trump replied affirmatively when asked whether she had just arrived for the Invictus Games.

 “You’ve been very busy,” he said. “Yes, very busy,” she confirmed. 

She complimented him, saying “You’re doing a fantastic job.”

As the press pool was heading out, Prince Harry was overheard saying “Every year is different…more and more people coming in.”

The Invictus Games are an international, multi-sport event founded by Prince Harry of Wales where wounded armed services members and veterans compete in sports, including wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball. About 100 American athletes are participating in the games. 

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