The glittering gold of the Oscars themselves is spectacular enough to steal any show. Yet, this year’s fashion was worthy of its own spotlight. Even with the small glitch regarding the “Best Picture” ballot, it definitely was a night to remember.

Oscar dresses

Ever since 1929, The Oscars have been a landmark occasion involving Hollywood glitz and glam. With that, the evolution of what people wear has become an interesting component to the Awards show history. Unlike the Grammys or the VMAs actors, actresses, Hollywood royalty, and models alike all still dress to the nines. Old Hollywood glamor along with one-of-a-kind couture pieces still grace the red carpet every year.

If you analyze what the person who has won “Best Actress” every year has worn to the Oscars, they are still strikingly similar. Even in the day in age where fashion is evolving at an unbelievably rapid pace, it is interesting and reassuring to see that there are still some constants in the industry. The shape of the gowns themselves change, yet the general movement and aura surrounding the pieces remain the same. No matter what the color or the shape (ball gown, mermaid style, drapey, etc.) each dress carries the allusion and power of Hollywood. That aspect is essential to any Oscar worthy dress. Also, most are unique and special just like the Actresses themselves.

Recently, since 2001, the dresses have all taken a much more subdued approach focusing on the fluidity of the fabric and the way it forms around the body. With this draping, it is possible to highlight the Actress’s most beloved features while keeping a clean, simple elegance to the integrity of the design itself.

Another interesting aspect to Oscar gowns is how many are done in neutral colors. This allows the Actress to shine through and have the gown itself be an asset and not a distraction from their work or from their own natural beauty.

Best Fashion 2017

Personally, I’ve always thought that the concept of naming one particular individual “Best Dressed” was somewhat ridiculous due to that fact that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs regarding who looks the prettiest, or the most glamorous, or the most elegant. Fashion is an integral part of our society, and many dresses also tell a story or carry a political message. With that, I’ve selected some of my favorites from this year’s Oscars because I couldn’t simply just pick one.

Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney
Kristen Dunst in Dior Couture
Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton
Brie Larson in Oscar de La Renta with Neil Lane Diamond

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