President Trump has signed the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act” just hours after it was passed by the Senate.

The legislation provides paid leave, establishes free testing, protects public health workers, and provides important benefits to children and families. 

The Main Highlights Are: 

? Free coronavirus testing regardless of their economic circumstances or health coverage.
? Family leave for caregivers
? Paid sick leave 
? Food assistance for those in need
? Enhanced unemployment insurance
? Increased Medicaid funding for states

Statement from the President: 

“Today, I have signed into law H.R. 6201, the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act” (the “Act”).  The Act makes emergency supplemental appropriations and other changes to law to help the Nation respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

One provision of the bill (division B, section 2302(c)) purports to require the Secretary of Agriculture, upon certain events, to submit a report to the Congress that includes legislative recommendations.  My Administration, including the Secretary, will respectfully treat this provision in a manner consistent with Article II, section 3 of the Constitution, which provides the President the exclusive authority to “recommend” to the Congress “such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” — Donald J. Trump

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