The Pavlovic Today has obtained a White House memo written by Ian Sams, Special Assistant to the President and WH Oversight Spokesperson, addressing the House Republicans’ hearing on Afghanistan.

The Republicans are criticizing President Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, and the White House is not holding back.

“Let’s be very clear: with their politically-motivated attacks, these MAGA House Republicans are hoping to distract from their own failure to even agree upon, much less act on, solutions that are desperately needed today to protect the progress the Biden Administration has made to safely evacuate tens of thousands of people from Afghanistan at the end of the war,” wrote Ian Sams.

The memo argues that House Republicans are playing politics and distracting from their failure to protect Afghan allies.

“As they hypocritically attack the Biden Administration for how it conducted the historic effort to successfully withdraw tens of thousands of Americans and Afghan allies at the end of the war, MAGA members of the House Oversight Committee, including Chairman James Comer, have continuously shown their disregard for the fate of Afghan allies who are now at risk of being sent back to Afghanistan and into the hands of the Taliban,” Sams state in the memo.

The examples he listed are the following:

  1. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene derided Afghan refugees as “known terrorists.” 
  2. Rep. Scott Perry said allowing more Afghan refugees into the U.S. could lead to little girls being “raped and killed in the streets.” 
  3. Rep. Paul Gosar said Afghan refugees “do not belong in our country” because the U.S. is “not the world’s dumping ground for every third world country.”
  4. The majority of Republican members of House Oversight – including Chairman Comer – voted against $7 billion in funding to assist in the resettlement of Afghan refugees.
  5. Multiple MAGA members of the committee including Reps. Biggs, Boebert, Greene, and Perry voted against the ALLIES Act to expand and speed up efforts to relocate Afghan allies.
  6. And to this day, Republicans in Congress have blocked the passage of the Afghan Adjustment Act, drawing fire from American veterans who fought in Afghanistan and refugee organizations.

Sams highlights that the Biden Administration has provided extensive documents, analyses, and briefings on the Afghanistan situation and accuses House Republicans of ignoring their history of opposing legislation to aid Afghan allies.

Specifically, the memo mentions the Afghan Adjustment Act, which would protect Afghan allies from being deported to Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

The memo satets that House Republicans’ attacks on the Biden Administration are politically motivated and ignore the safety of Afghan allies.

See the memo below:


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