Today, President Biden is zeroing in on the two Presidential directives to foster quantum information science (QIS), a broad field of science and engineering that fits into the Biden Administration’s comprehensive approach to cybersecurity.

Quantum information science is a rapidly emerging scientific discipline in which Quantum computers take central stage. They can analyze information in ways that conventional computers cannot. 

“I like to say that quantum is more than quantum physics. The skillsets needed to build and understand a quantum computer will be valuable to multiple industries of the future, like AI, autonomy, and cybersecurity,” a senior White House official told The Pavlovic Today. 

Recent breakthroughs in quantum information science have shown the potential to drive innovations across the American economy, from energy to medicine, through advancements in computation, networking, and sensing. 

Executive Order on Enhancing the National Quantum Initiative Advisory committee

Today’s executive order on Enhancing the National Quantum Initiative Advisory committee places the National Quantum Initiative committee directly under the authority of the White House. 

“Over the coming weeks, we also plan to announce the members of the advisory board and are already excited by the wide range of expertise and experience the board will bring to bear on these critical issues,” a senior White House official revealed.

National Security Memorandum 

President Biden will also sign a National Security Memorandum (NSM) to address the risks posed by quantum computers to America’s cybersecurity.

According to a senior White House official, the NSM “provides a roadmap for agencies to inventory their IT systems for quantum-vulnerable cryptography and sets a requirement to establish and meet specific milestones for cryptographic migration. “

NSM plans to direct the National Institute for Science and Technology ( NIST ) to establish a “Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography Project” at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and an open working group with industry to generate research adoption of quantum-resilient cryptographic standards and technologies.

Memorandum will also set requirements for Federal agencies to fully update cryptographic systems to transition to quantum-resistant cryptographic standards.

What would it take for US adversaries to leapfrog ahead on quantum information science?

Senior White House official shared that the goal of both the executive order and the national security memorandum is to “ensure that we leapfrog well ahead of everyone else.” 

He added “So, to me, both directives are an example of U.S. innovation and leadership in this space, both on the government side and on the private sector side.”

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