Excerpts from President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union Address (as prepared for delivery)


Three years ago, we launched the Great American Comeback. Tonight, I stand before you to share the incredible results.

In just three short years, we have shattered the mentality of American Decline and we have rejected the downsizing of America’s destiny. We are moving forward at a pace that was unimaginable just a short time ago, and we are never going back!

The vision I will lay out this evening demonstrates how we are building the world’s most prosperous and inclusive society – one where every citizen can join in America’s unparalleled success, and where every community can take part in America’s extraordinary rise.

From the instant I took office, I moved rapidly to revive the U.S. economy —slashing a record number of job killing-regulations, enacting historic and record-setting tax cuts, and fighting for FAIR and RECIPROCAL trade agreements.

In 8 years under the last administration, over 300,000 working-age people DROPPED OUT of the workforce. In just three years of my Administration, 3.5 MILLION working-age people have JOINED the workforce.

Thanks to our bold regulatory reduction campaign, the United States has become the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world, by far.  .

We are restoring our nation’s Manufacturing Might, even though predictions were that this could never be done. After losing 60,000 factories under the PREVIOUS two administrations, America has now GAINED 12,000 NEW factories under my Administration.

Many politicians came and went, pledging to change or replace NAFTA – only to do absolutely nothing.  But unlike so many who came before me, I KEEP MY PROMISES.  Six days ago, I replaced NAFTA and signed the brand new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement into law.

Days ago, we signed the groundbreaking new agreement with China that will defend our workers, protect our intellectual property, bring billions of dollars into our treasury, and open vast new markets for products made and grown right here in the USA. 

To safeguard American Liberty, we have invested a record-breaking $2.2 trillion dollars in the United States Military. […] We created a new branch of the United States Armed Forces, the Space Force.

The next step forward in building an inclusive society is making sure that every young American gets a GREAT Education and the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.  […] NO PARENT should be forced to send their child to a failing government school.

A good life for American families also requires the most affordable, innovative, and high-quality healthcare system on earth. […] We will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions.

We will never let socialism destroy American healthcare!

I was recently proud to sign the law providing new parents in the federal workforce paid family leave, serving as a model for the rest of the country.

The United States of America should be a Sanctuary for Law-Abiding Americans – Not Criminal Aliens!

My Administration has undertaken an unprecedented effort to secure the Southern Border of the United States.

My administration is also strongly defending our national security.

As we defend American lives, we are working to END America’s wars in the Middle East.

Our ancestors built the most exceptional Republic ever to exist in all of human history— and we are making it greater than ever before!

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