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President Joe Biden ( Photo: Edward M. PioRoda/CNN)

On Wednesday night, President Biden participated in a Town Hall hosted by CNN’s Don Lemon at Mount Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

In the wake of numerous issues that pose threats and problems for the American people, here are the major takeaways from tonight’s Town Hall. 

Covid-19 Pandemic

To start off the evening, the pressing topic of the night was the Covid-19 crisis. As Covid cases now continue to increase in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Biden urges everyone to get vaccinated.

“We have a pandemic for those who haven’t gotten a vaccination. It’s that basic and that simple,” said Biden. The President made note that 10,000 people have recently died from Covid and of those 10,000, 9,950 of them are people who have not yet been vaccinated.

Even though Biden encourages all Americans to get vaccinated, this opened the question of what children under 12 should do to stay safe. 

Biden encouraged everyone under the age of 12 to continue wearing a mask to protect themselves and others from spreading the virus, especially while at school. 

The President stated that children under the age of 12 will be able to get vaccinated “soon.” Whilst making this statement, he also expresses that he trust the scientists in their process and insists on not telling them what to do. 

He stated that scientists currently are, “??Doing the examinations now, they’re testing now, and making the decision now. 

The President ensured that those who are vaccinated are protected against the highly transmissible and dangerous Delta variant. 

Misinformation and Distrust 

Last week Surgeon General Dr. Murthy declared misinformation regarding the pandemic and vaccines a major threat. 

As the pandemic begins to uptake again, the urge is on to tackle misinformation and get people to trust the vaccines. 

Biden alludes to the misinformation that circulates on Facebook as “going to kill people.” The President made clear that he believes the false information that people specifically put out online is going to cost people their lives, not the actual Facebook site itself. 

In the wake of many conservatives such as Fox New’s Host Sean Hannity and Mitch McConnel taking a turn of events where they now are urging Americans to take the pandemic seriously and get vaccinated, Biden calls this an “altar call.” 

Black Community and Vaccines

As the black community is more at risk of Coronavirus effects but also remains to have low vaccination rates amongst the community, Biden believes that this is due to racist history and lack of trust African Americans have in the government. 

The President referred to past experiments and using Black people as “guinea pigs” as a justifiable reason for the black community to distrust the vaccine. 

In order to tackle this issue, Biden and his administration have made the vaccine more accessible for black communities and low-income areas. 

“So we’ve taken literally mobile vans and people to the communities to the hardest-hit communities, and it’s beginning to have some impact but we have to talk about it more,” said Biden. 

The President also announced that the African American clergy have begun opening vaccinations clinics in churches to reach more black people. 

Biden makes clear that the bottom line to get all demographics across the United States vaccinated is by restoring faith in the government. “We got to get people to the point where they trust the government,” expressed Biden.  

The Economy 

In the wake of prices significantly increasing, Biden ensures that he believes inflation will not last long. 

The President stated, “The vast majority of the experts including Wall Street are suggesting that it’s highly unlikely that it’s going to be long term inflation that’s going to get out of hand.” 

He added, “There will be near-term inflation because everything is now trying to be picked back up.” 

Biden made clear that if he can get the infrastructure package passed, “We will in fact reduce inflation.” 

Biden ensured that he “ absolutely positively” believes Congress can pass an infrastructure bill that would help the region of Ohio replace the interstate 75 bridge. 

His statement comes after the deal failed today in the Senate however, he makes clear that the Senate is to vote again on the package on Monday. 


As many question whether bipartisanship should be taken off the table when it comes to the infrastructure package, Biden still believes it is possible. 

The President stated that bipartisanship has become quite difficult because “The well has been so poisoned over the last four years. And even now, there’s still this lingering effort.” 

In the wake of Republicans pulling all of their picks from the January 6 select committee today, the President discussed his thoughts on the January 6 Insurrection. 

“I don’t care if you think I’m Satan reincarnated. The fact is, you can’t look at that television and say nothing happened on the 6th. You can’t listen to people who say this was a peaceful march.” 

Biden adds that the American people must get beyond this debate. He revealed that the world is looking at America. He told that while he was on his trip to Europe earlier this summer, other world nations questioned if America was really back.  

People Getting Back To Work 

As the economy is doing very well under the Biden administration, there is still discussion over how to get the American people back to work. 

Biden made clear that he “sees no evidence” that people staying on unemployment kept Americans from going back to work. He argued that if employers start paying their workers $15 an hour instead of minimum wage, businesses might start to see a change. 

“If you make less than 15 bucks an hour working 40 hours a week you’re living below the poverty level,” said Biden. 

Voting Rights 

In the wake of many Republicans passing laws that make it harder for Americans, specifically African Americans to vote, the President weighed in on his opinion of the filibuster.

“This is Jim Crow on steroids,” said Biden. The President added that “The abuse of the filibuster is pretty overwhelming.”   

Biden made clear that protecting the filibuster is not more important than protecting the voting rights of Americans. 

The President stated that he wants to see the John Lewis Voting Rights Act on his desk so that he can sign. 

“I also want to to make sure we bring along not just all the Democrats, we bring along republicans,” said Biden.  

Biden argued that there’s no reason to protect the filibuster other than the fact “You’re going to throw the entire Congress into chaos and nothing will get done.” 

Gun Violence 

As this country continues to face the growing issue of gun violence, Biden addresses what he is doing to help this concern amongst the nation. 

The President made clear that “Crime is down, gun violence and murder rates are up.”  

He stated that the issue at hand is that many are getting a hold of these guns illegally. The President announced he’s “Gotten ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) to increase their budget and increase their capacity along with the Justice Department to go after the gun shops that are not abiding by the law of doing background checks.” 

Biden added that, “We’re going to do major investigations and shut those guys down and put some of them in jail for what they’re doing.” 


As gun violence rises, the topic of increasing or decreasing police presence still stands in America. 

Biden made clear that cops are, “not all bad guys” and believes the nation needs more cops on the streets and not less. 

The President also ensured that he has never stood behind the plan of defunding the police. He made clear that he, nor his party or administration are not anti-police. 

However, Biden noted that police who “aren’t doing their job should be held accountable.”

Biden noted that he does want to see the George Floyd Policing Act pass, while simultaneously getting resources to cops to help them be better at their jobs.

After addressing a wide range of pressing topics, at the end of the Town Hall, President Biden told the American people that six months into his presidency of the United States has been “the greatest honor.” 

Jaala Brown is Gen Z Voice at The Pavlovic Today.

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