EuroUtopia used to be the common view of a common future. Which one of the 28 voices is to blame now that there are more and more war zones around Europe?

EuroUtopia.It has been 22 years since the last western European country joined the European Union. This is a whole lifetime for a teenager. Today,  students are taking it for granted that there are no boarders and no restrictions for studying anywhere in Europe. They are even paid to spend a semester abroad within Europe. For us,  “Europe” is not a foreign territory. It is our home. But will it also be the common peaceful home for our children and grandchildren?

The tendencies of a supranational building in Europe started right after WW II to put the words: “Never Again” in practice. The formula that the common use of resources like coal and steel will lead away from war was chiseled in stone. And this supranational building helped Europe to have the longest period of peace in history. Exchange rates and boarders felt. Of course there were some unanswered questions like if it was a good idea to leave the monetary and tax politics in national responsibility even though the European currency was already established. To give the European Council in the name of democracy more power than the European Commission was another open question. But in general, Europe seemed to be on—the —way to EuroUtopia. Until the ISIS terror came.

Blame it on the weapons lobby: England, France, Germany

It seems like the European nations are drifting apart and the idea of this peace project is close to fail. Did the peace period end with the terror attacks in Brussels 2016 or will it bind together Europe? We will see after the referendum in England

How did it come that far? Some blame the weapons lobby (England, France and Germany are exporting weapons like any other country that is producing weapons). Germany is even exporting to Greece which is spending that much money against the other NATO member Turkey. Greece would have gone bankrupt without German taxpayer money flowing to Athens. Some say that it is China’s fault because they provided cheap smartphones with internet access possibility to everyone so that the masses got vulnerable for radical speeches so that they saw their future as freedom fighters, terrorists, rightwing or leftwing extremists or anarchists. Now China’s Silk-road will be built to Europe. Is it an economic blessing or a communist threat? For Greece and the Financial Times it seems to be a blessing

Maybe the main problem is the tax policy of big concerns to pay no taxes which leads to a budget lack in nearly every country in the world and raises nearly in the whole western world the regional unemployment rate. The Panama leaks papers are a small flashlight against a curtain. We will see who else than an Islandic, Ukrainian and British prime minister will show up.

As every politician and historian knows the real problem of the European Union is also an inner one.

Europe has prolonged the decision of either protecting the 28 national views or installing the one European view.

Romano Prodi - President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister) of Italy /Copyright: Vasily Smirnov Editorial Credit: Vasily Smirnov /
Romano Prodi – President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister) of Italy
/Copyright: Vasily Smirnov
Editorial Credit: Vasily Smirnov /

It was Romano Prodi a former president of the European Commission who said a decade ago that Europe has to build a ring of friends around the continent. At this time there was a big step towards making EuroUtopia possible. But someone said recently that Romano’s ring had turned into a ring of fire.

Which one of the 28 voices is to blame now that there are more and more war zones around Europe?

Some blame not a country but their banks, or even foreign rating agencies and consultants who gave for example Greece the right advice how to write balances to join the Euro. It is always easy to find the error from the outside but it is 28 voices that should  have already singed in one choir instead of lacking motivation to think European  rather than national.

To discuss the integration of the Arabic/Muslim countries in the supranational peace project Europe seems now obsolete. The Arabic Spring, turned into a Sahara Summer. Europe does not have to deal any  longer how to integrate 8 countries. The new task is to fight ISIS and to integrate X Million people in the existing version of Europe. People that are leaving or passing through this 8 countries to find their EuroUtopia.  Perhaps this new challenge will bind Europe together? But is Europe already taking the challenge? No! Without Montenegro, Serbia and Albania, Europe will still be confronted by uncontrolled mass boarder transfer. These Balkan states have helped Europe to get some breath. But a sustainable  solution must be found soon.

EuroUtopia: How did we arrive to the global political failure?

It is hard for an elected national government to decline power and give it to a Commission(er) that is not even elected directly by the people but only handled by public officers. Officers selected  by their studies and chosen by a hiring method only a handful out of thousands applicants can  pass.

Europe used to be the common view of a common future that  would stop having conflicts with weapons and  suppress  minorities with violence.

2016,  the great election of Great Britain will show if the former Empire that is now an important European Nation will see its way in independency. Maybe we will hear one day of the “London papers”. No rational thinking being could really think that there is a national solution for the problems.

Because there is no region left in the world that we can call Utopia. No region that is not affected by global environment and global political failures.

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