Brexit has happened and with the UK/EU trade deal. To put on it a stamp of approval, ERG demands to examine it properly. 

Yesterday, The Pavlovic Today has learned that the UK has brokered a trade deal with the EU. Sources at No.10 confirmed that the deal has been agreed upon and that the statement will be made. 

PM Boris Johnson initially planned to address the nation at 7 PM UK time yesterday, but due to hashing out the final details in two thousand pages long trade agreement, his address was delayed. 

The UK could be getting an early Christmas present on Christmas Eve. The ERG members will be hoping that in reality is not a poison chalice.

Rt Hon Mark Francois MP Chairman of the ERG issued a statement last night on behalf of the group announcing a panel of legal experts, the “star chamber” to examine the details of the new UK/EU trade deal. The legal team will be chaired by Sir William Cash MP. 

The “Star Chamber” was first assembled in 2019 to examine the legal aspects of Theresa May’s original Withdrawal Agreement. Given that the new trade agreement is highly complex, the Star Chamber will scrutinize it, to ensure that its provisions genuinely protect the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, after the UK exits the Transition Period at the end of this year.  

The consensus among Brexiteers is that they will judge the UK/EU trade agreement based on its merits. While they all agree that it’s good that Britain got the deal, the mood of the ERG is cautiously optimistic, giving caveats of voting against it in case PM Johnson did not uphold Britain’s “red lines” in taking control of the nation’s borders and laws. 

Prime Minister Johnson is poised to address the nation at 10 AM this morning.

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