The electric vehicle industry is getting a boost in the United States with several major players making significant commitments as part of the EV Acceleration Challenge.

As part of President Biden’s objective to have 50% of all new vehicle sales be electric by 2030, the White House has disclosed both public and private pledges to aid in America’s shift towards electric vehicles.

Blink Charging plans to invest $49 million to increase its manufacturing capacity in Maryland to produce 40,000 EV chargers per year by 2024. Meanwhile, Zipcar is also committing to allocate 25% of its EV fleet to disadvantaged communities in 2023.

Uber is also making a pledge to reach 400 million EV miles driven on its platform in the U.S. by the end of 2023 through its Green Future program. This initiative will distribute resources to help hundreds of thousands of drivers transition to EVs. Pacific Gas & Electric and Ecology Action are also stepping up by committing to installing around 2,000 EV charging ports at no cost to customers in underserved communities by 2025.

To accelerate mass-market adoption, the National Automobile Dealers Association and the Center for Sustainable Energy are launching an online dealer training program in 2023. This will help salespeople master the nuances of selling EVs. Enel X Way is also joining the action by committing to selling over 2 million EV chargers in North America by 2030, including 10,000 public DC fast charging stations. They will also enter the North American EV public charging station market in 2023.

Walmart is planning to install new EV fast-charging stations at thousands of its locations across the country by 2030.

These commitments are expected to greatly increase access to EV charging and help drive mass adoption of electric vehicles in the United States. With these initiatives, people will have more options to charge their electric cars, making it easier and more convenient to switch to electric vehicles.

The landing page for the EV Acceleration Challenge is open for submissions on a rolling basis, with the White House set to feature further commitments. Organizations can submit their pledges via the EV Acceleration Challenge landing page.


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