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Good morning from Miami. Five days to go. Here are the latest live updates from the Trump campaign. 

Good morning from Miami. Five days to go. POTUS and former VP Biden will both be in the state of Florida for a short time today. 

The pool has been Covid tested and made the short drive from our RON to Doral, arriving at 9:25 a.m. Security sweeps getting underway now.

POTUS is scheduled to depart Doral at noon and fly to Tampa for the first rally of the day.


The motorcade is on the move and leaving Trump National Doral at 12:17 p.m. Destination: Miami International Airport. 

The pool was swept and then had about a two-hour hold in the Ivanka Trump Ballroom. We did not see POTUS getting into the SUV.


Motorcade arrived on the tarmac at Miami International Airport at 12:25 p.m. after a short drive from Doral and pulled to a stop beside AF1 at 12:28.
POTUS quickly exited his SUV and boarded using the lower stairs before pool could get in place beneath the wing.
Others boarding now from the back steps. We will be wheels up for Tampa momentarily.


AF1 was wheels up from MIA at 12:39 p.m. and wheels down at Tampa International Airport at 1:25.

Uneventful flight; no visitors to the press cabin. 

We’ll be motorcading shortly to Raymond James Stadium, home of the Bucs, where the rally with POTUS and FLOTUS is taking place in the north parking lot. 


POTUS stepped off AF1 at 1:43 p.m., came down the main stairs carrying a red hat. 

FLOTUS (in dark sunglasses, a white print dress and black Louboutins), who flew separately and had been waiting in a car on the tarmac, came around to greet him and the couple embraced briefly, then both chatted with the two greeters (see below), waved to the pool and got into the waiting SUV. 

Motorcade rolling now at 1:47 to the stadium, which is visible off on the horizon just to the east of the tarmac.

From the White House— 

The President is met by:

State Representative Chris Sprowls
State Representative from Florida’s 65th District and Speaker-Designate of the Florida House of Representatives

Shannon Sprowls
Spouse of State Representative Chris Sprowls


Motorcade reached the rally site at 1:54 p.m. and POTUS and FLOTUS were being announced just as pool was getting out of vans. “God Bless the USA” playing as he takes the stage.

Big crowd on a grassy field north of the stadium (the end zone with the pirate ship) with three blocks of bleachers behind the stage.

Remarks available via Livestream/television as usual.


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