In a heartwarming display of collaborative efforts and philanthropy, individuals with similar goals have come together to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. The renowned Serbian TV host Tamara Grujić, who leads the popular TV show “Taking Action Together with Tamara,” has brought smiles to many faces and inspired hope among those who often feel helpless and insecure.

Tamara Grujić’s dedication to helping people in need during the filming of her show led to a fruitful partnership with Dunav Insurance, starting in September 2016. This partnership between philanthropic leaders has demonstrated that when united in action, they can achieve remarkable results.

Tamara Grujić, TV show “Taking Action Together with Tamara supported by Dunav Insurance Company

Over fourteen half-seasons and seven years of collaboration between Dunav Insurance and Tamara Grujić, 186 families have received new homes, providing secure shelter for nearly 1,000 children. The construction efforts have resulted in approximately 16,000 square meters of living space, all covered by Dunav Insurance’s “Home Guard” policy. What initially began as a focus on Belgrade and its surroundings expanded to include various regions of Serbia, such as Western, Eastern, and Central Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija, Vojvodina, and the Republic of Srpska. These successful projects have made a meaningful difference in countless lives.

Supporting the local community In the Serbian market, Dunav Insurance has established itself as a company deeply committed to the well-being of the local community, actively contributing to its improvement. A pivotal moment in this journey emerged with the collaboration between Dunav Insurance and Tamara, initially aimed at providing secure homes and improved living conditions for vulnerable families. As time passed, their dedicated team, characterized by unwavering determination and empathy, embarked on special projects with a focus on children and youth, demonstrating remarkable versatility and a desire to make a difference.

In Action with Tamara and Dunav Insurance Company providing secure homes and improved living conditions for vulnerable families.

Among their noteworthy endeavors was the renovation of the 140-square-meter hematology-oncology department at the Kragujevac Pediatric Clinic, a project undertaken with great care and dedication. In 2019, their efforts expanded to several elementary schools, particularly in rural areas such as Knić near Gruža, Mečkovac near the town of Vranje, and Izvor near the town of Pirot. In addition to providing construction materials, they donated toys, clothes, and sports equipment. Lavatories for students were renovated, and new sports halls for physical education were built. Tamara’s team, deeply attuned to the needs of local communities, ensured that all students had equal and proper conditions for learning and carefree school days. This commitment extended to funding the installation of a heating system in a junior music school and the secondary veterinary school in the village of Kormanjani, within the municipality of Kosovka Kamenica.

In a remarkable episode of “Taking Action Together with Tamara,” Dunav Insurance contributed funds for the installation of a freight elevator in the Kragujevac Clinical Centre. Furthermore, Dunav and activists collaborated to renovate and insure the house of the Nurdor Association of Serbia – the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer – in the village of Popovac on the Fruška Gora mountain. This house, generously donated to the Nurdor Association by pensioner Zoran Kocić from Novi Sad, underwent a complete transformation of its interior and exterior, with the landscape designed and a play area organized by Tamara’s team.

Dunav Insurance’s long-standing commitment to the Childhood Friendship Project has come to symbolize humanity, care, heritage preservation, and charitable acts.

The new season, which began airing on September 13th, promises to showcase the renovation of homes for vulnerable families in Western Serbia. Extensive effort has gone into equipping and decorating the House of Hope in Banja Koviljača, a facility dedicated to the rehabilitation of children with disabilities and providing support for both the children and their parents.

Dunav Insurance’s long-standing commitment to the Childhood Friendship Project has come to symbolize humanity, care, heritage preservation, and charitable acts. In a world where like-minded collaborators who share such values are increasingly rare, the tangible joy experienced by individuals moving into their new homes and embracing a fresh start stands as a testament to the enduring partnership between Dunav Insurance and Tamara. Their collaboration serves as a shining example of providing support for a brighter and more hopeful future.


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