FLOTUS Jill Biden and Dr Fauci

First Lady and Dr. Fauci visit a children’s vaccination site in DC.

The First Lady, who wax wearing a white face mask with a flower on it, walked around the room and spoke to adolescents who were about to receive their vaccines. 

“Ready to get yours? I’ve already gotten mine,” the First Lady said, noting that the vaccine shot goes by very fast. 

She asked one of the participants, a girl whose name tag appeared to read Skylah if she took the day off from school to do this and the girl replied that she hadn’t. The First Lady also referenced her own work as a teacher. 

After the girl received her shot, the First Lady shook her hands and clapped. 

The First Lady then met another person staffing the vaccine clinic before talking to another girl who was there to receive a vaccine. She told her to have a “great summer.”

Then the First Lady and Dr. Fauci spoke to reporters briefly. 

One reporter asked the First Lady what she said on the phone with supporters after Vice President Harris attacked President Biden at a primary debate before he won the primary. 

“That was two years ago we’ve moved on from that,” Jill Biden said. “We are here to do vaccinations.” 
“Who doesn’t love dr. Fauci,” she said. Fauci then said it was a pleasure and honor to be at the hospital and called it a “phenomenal institution.”

Fauci was asked about whose fault he thought it was that people are misinterpreting the mask guidance as he said in a recent interview. 

Fauci said it was no one fault. 

“Unfortunately some people interpreted that as everyone can get rid of their mask, which is not the case,” he said.

“We’re clarifying that now and I think we’re getting on the right track.” 

In response to a question about when she would feel safe to go out to a restaurant, the First Lady said she would feel safe enough to go out to a restaurant but said President Biden is very busy.

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