Priyanka Chopra, an actress, a producer, a philanthropist, Miss World 2000 and one of TIME’s top 100 influential women in the world, shares her keys to success.


1. Be an achiever
“I don’t consider myself as an actor, or a singer. I consider myself an achiever,” she said. Since a young age, Chopra has learned the value of hard work and strived for excellence in all her ventures. She explained that even if she was asked to paint the walls of the studio, it would be the best wall painting job. She has always steered away from labeling herself. Instead, Chopra has portrayed herself as a person who sets goals and achieves them.

“I want to have a legacy,” she declared in an interview. So, leave a legacy. Set goals. Be the best version of yourself. 

2. Keep moving as life moves

When she was 18 and started doing movies, Priyanka Chopra gave herself a year and a half to see whether opportunities will open up. If she sensed that she wasn’t good at what she was doing, she knew she would head back to college. She always had a plan B and still does to date. She often tells young people that life doesn’t end. So find out what you do best and keep moving. Keep hustling without looking back.

3. Be irreplaceable
When shooting one of her first movies, Priyanka Chopra heard the producer saying, “don’t worry, if it doesn’t work out, we’ll replace her.” That subconsciously worked on her mind. 13-15 years later, you will always find Priyanka picking up parts that are strong, which were not “damsel in distress waiting for someone to rescue [her].” She’s made herself irreplaceable.

4. Establish the harmonious balance
Doing something that challenges her every year is a conscious effort. While she tries to push herself to pick the stronger and bolder parts, she enjoys being the girl that lets her hair down and looks pretty. Chopra has the privilege of making a choice about what part she wants and being able to do both. But, it’s also about finding the balance between your work and family life. She has a close relationship with her mom and family and ensures that she spends ample time with her family. Push yourself, do what you love and don’t forget the ones who help you achieve your goals.

5. Don’t be scared to dream big
“The most beautiful about having dreams is that it’s in your hands how big they become,” she says during a promo speech. No one can tell you that your dream is too small or too big. Despite being from a small village in India and having low self-esteem as a kid, Priyanka broke out of her shell and had the courage to dream big.

She currently works between two continents and has diversified her projects greatly from Vogue covers to playing a villain in Baywatch to being the lead in the ABC TV Series Quantico. “Dreams do come true,” she reminds young people. So dream big because you are boundless. 

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