House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has urged Biden to avoid the “extreme MAGA Republicans” phrase in his State of the Union address tonight. “I don’t think that’s appropriate comment that the President should make,” noted McCarthy. “I’ve expressed that to him in private and we’ve had discussions about that as well,” he revealed his conversation with the President.

McCarthy said that today, “for the first time in years, the Constitution was read aloud in Congress—now that Republicans are back in charge.”

Both parties have invited celebrity guests to put a human face and add some fame currency on the issues they represent. U2 frontman Bono will appear in the Biden camp, and former NBA player Enes Freedom, a strong critic of the Turkish and Chinese regimes, will be a guest of McCarthy. “Here’s a man who stood up for freedom, lost his right to continue to play basketball, but he continues to fight,” said the House Speaker.

As Biden appears on the stage tonight to deliver one hour long speech, it’s yet to be seen if the decorum will be kept at the highest standard. McCarthy promised that, unlike Nancy Pelosi, the Republicans “won’t be doing childish games tearing up a speech.”

McCarthy will try to tonight to convey and command respect for the office of the President. He has been telling his fellow Republicans all day today “to behave” around hot mike. The GOP Leader believes that the Republican House majority cannot afford any slip that can be projected onto the nation as “MAGA extremism.” They want to make it all about Biden and to battle back with arguments.

Will the President be able to set the right tone and call for unity?

Judging by the preview by White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates, Biden will lay out tonight the “two starkly different visions for the future” of America.

“Unfortunately, since taking the House, congressional Republicans have chosen a starkly different path: selling out working people with tax welfare for rich special interests that would heap $3 trillion onto the deficit, including with the biggest Medicare benefits cut in decades,” said Bates.

Biden will test his re-election message before the GOP-controlled House.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the youngest governor in the nation, will deliver a formal GOP response to Biden’s State of the Union.

“What America needs – and what Republicans are offering – is a return to common sense and a commitment to the ideals that made America the land of the free and home of the brave,” said Sanders ahead of her rebuttal.

Trump will also weigh in and is expected to swing at Biden in his signature style. The election season effectively starts tonight.

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