Donald Trump is afraid of Bernie Sanders, and DNC should not attack the only candidate that has a movement that can match Trump.

During the Iowa special coverage on Sky News, I was asked who’s Donald Trump the most afraid of? “Bernie Sanders,” I said, “Trump is most afraid of Bernie Sanders as he is the only candidate who has the movement behind him that has match the one Trump has.”

The day after Bernie’s victory in New Hampshire, Charlie Kirk called on Trump’s base on Twitter to not take re-election for granted:

Trump is feeling the Bern. No matter what you think of Bernie Sanders, he has awakened a spirit of liberty in America. The most appealing aspect of Sanders is his uncorrupt character and idealistic spirit. He is someone who stayed true to himself and his ideals instead of caving into the party machine fold. His choice is one of the outliers. His party does not accept him, and Hillary made sure to hit him ahead of the primaries. American people, however, can relate more easily to the outsider than to an establishment candidate, whose son, like in the case of Joe Biden, was on the payroll of a foreign company with a monthly salary the size of the yearly one most Americans have. I am not sure what Washinton thinks when they talk about electability, but being able to relate to people should play a major role in it.

We live in the age of the outsider

Before the Iowa election fiasco, Biden has been proclaimed the frontrunner, although no one really can tell why he would be more electable than anyone else in the Democratic pack. An answer to that question lies mostly in a misconception that America can return to the state before Trump. It can’t. We live in the age of the outsider. It is very hard to imagine that after four years of the anti-establishment candidate America will go back to choosing Status Quo. 

Compared to the career politicians with scripts, media handlers and communication teams who watch over every word the candidate says or posts on Twitter, Trump is like an elephant in the glass shop, an WWE fighter who will rage and drag everyone into the mud. This type of reality show politics still resonates with many in America. It comes at no surprise given that this is also a country of Jerry Springer. That part of America has spoken and is only getting louder. Trump protects their free speech.

What Bernie Sanders has in common with Trump is he is a revolt against the establishment and the status quo. His ways are way more politically informed and sophisticated, but what Sanders has, like Trump, is an immediacy of a personal connection.

These elections are still going to be influenced by personal politics, and in the age of social media, real-time storytelling, what will matter is how a candidate can connect with a voter on a personal level. 

Trump’s biggest argument against Bernie Sanders is that he is a socialist

Trump is afraid of Sanders, and if he ends up in the presidential debate with him, he won’t have a lot to show. Trump does not know the policy and, unlike Sanders, he does not have any set of political ideas to lean onto. Trump’s policy is one of rage. His tweets are famous for insults and degradation of anyone who dared to go against him. 

To differentiate, Trump throws punches, and the conversation is then over. If Trump’s biggest argument against Bernie Sanders is that he is a socialist, he will have to come up with something much more substantial. You do not have to be a socialist country to have affordable health care. Germany and the UK are a few examples of countries that were able to manage the free market and accessible health care. Why America is incapable to figure out affordable healthcare is a mystery to those who lived in Europe. 

Democratic Party is in despair over the possibility of Bernie Sanders becoming their nominee. Attacking the only candidate that can defeat Trump would be the biggest mistake. Instead, the DNC should work with Sanders and try to negotiate some of his policies and approaches that they consider too deviant from the mainstream. Polices, one can always improve. What no one can improve is the character of a corrupt politician. That’s what makes Sanders a contender.

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