The outgoing president of the USA, Donald Trump arrives at Palm Beach International Airport.

Air Force One was wheels down at Palm Beach International Airport at 10:54.

There were no visitors to the rear cabin.

Air Force One made a low-level pass of Mar-A-Lago as it approached the airport. The club’s Mediterranean architecture could be clearly seen off the plane’s starboard side.

The staffer helped us out with notable travelers as pool could not see who boarded. Ivanka and Jared, Don Jr and Kimberly, Eric and Lara, Tiffany and Michael, and Barron were all on board.

POTUS spent his last AF1 flight with his family.

Also aboard were Dan Scavino and Jason Miller, according to the official.

TVs in the rear of the plane were tuned to Fox News, which showed a split-screen of AF1 departing and Biden going to church ahead of the inauguration.

Pool and staff were served Southern-style steak and eggs, with grits.

POTUS deplaned at 11:05 with Flotus beside him in a flowing, tropical-colored dress and shades. POTUS was still in his dark suit, white shirt, and red tie.

He stopped and waved to pool at bottom of the steps and mouthed “thank you.” And climbed into an armored Suburban.

Motorcade rolling at 11.08.

Pool vans peeled off POTUS motorcade as it pulled into Mar-A-Lago at 11.31 with 29 minutes of Trump’s presidency remaining. Pool holding in a parking lot. For our last 29 minutes.

There was no crowd or greeters at the airport. But supporters had gathered at key points along the route at places in dozens

Some had Trump-Pence 2020 flags. Many wore red MAGA hats. A “f*** Biden” sign was spotted. One woman was crying as she held aloft a “We are not fake news.”

Some dissenters were spotted with a sign saying: “Firefighters for Biden.” A protester held up an “Odor of Mendacity” sign. There was also a “You’re Fired” and “Loser” sign.

But the pro-Trump crowd stretched a couple of miles before the bridge on to Palm Beach Island. Two or three deep in places. 

“We love you 45.” “Support our Police.” We’re among other signs along the route.

A pink sign congratulating Tiffany on her engagement was also spotted.

The motorcade traveled at a crawl – not like the usual race down the road to MAL – slowing at each group presumably so POTUS could take in the support and wave.

Pool is holding outside Mar-a-Lago. By some mystical powers the POTUS pool will dissolve in Palm Beach at midday to be replaced by POTUS pool in DC. For IT reasons, I am handing over to in-town Biden pool now, so that the messages can all be passed on OK. But the pool will monitor things here until midday just in case.

It just remains for me to thank my fellow poolers on this historic day, for keeping things on the straight and narrow. And in particular to thank wrangler extraordinaire Margo Martin who kept us all in the right places and on time during her final day with the White House.

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