During the Prime Minister’s Questions, Dominic Raab said he wanted an independent inquiry “as soon as possible” to refute the allegations. The first reports about Raab’s behavior emerged on Friday after civil servants at the Ministry of Justice were “in tears” at his re-appointment. Over the weekend, ITV News reported that staff at the Foreign Office claim they were “bullied and harassed” by Raab.

However, there isn’t an ethics adviser to investigate alleged breaches of the Ministerial Code, as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has yet to appoint a new one. Downing Street said they were looking for a replacemen for the ethics adviser who resigned under PM Boris Johnson.

Raab is known to be a close friend of PM Rishi Sunak, and ultimately, the UK’s Prime Minister will decide whether a minister has broken the rules.

In a letter to Sunak, Raab said he was writing to request “that you commission an independent investigation into the claims as soon as possible.” Raab stated that he would fully cooperate with the investigators. “I have never tolerated bullying and always sought to reinforce and empower the teams of civil servants in my departments,” said Raab.

Saab’s letter to PM Rishi Sunak

UK’s Deputy Prime Minister stated that he is “confident” that he behaved “professionally,” but he is looking forward to “transparently addressing any claims being made.”

Downing Street said today that the Prime Minister Sunak still has full confidence in Dominic Raab, despite allegations.


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