Enjoy little things while waiting for the big ones to come.

Enjoy little things while waiting for the big ones to come.

How often do you stop and smell the flowers? How often do you pay attention to those little things that give you true pleasure?

We all tend to get lost in long working hours, in our to-do lists, ticking one thing after another, losing ourselves in things that don’t go “our way”. Simply said:  we get caught up, running after life, chasing the endless continuity of never-ending ambulances.

little things

Slowly we start forgetting why is it that we go to work in the first place (for most of us it’s to provide a means to more comfortable living). Why we keep on running. Struggling. Suddenly days become overwhelming; our focus gets lost, our energy loses its strengths, and life feels like an endless string of things one must do. Things that were once only a means to an end turn to consume our time, attention and life.

And before you know it you stop smelling the fresh coffee, you’re running quick showers, you’ve lost focus halfway through that movie, fell asleep holding a book, and didn’t hear half of the things your friend said. You are absent. Cut off from your life and from yourself.

To find oneself in the midst of the happiness and craziness of daily life is to focus on the details. Because, it is the little things that life is made of. We finish school, find a job, get married, and become a parent only a few times in life.For some of us, big things seemingly never happen. And while we wait for the importance to arrive from the train of experience, life keeps on running its course. So we have a choice : to sit in anxiety, waiting for something that might not ever happen, or, quite simply, to live.

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. – John Wooden

Enjoy the little things

  • The fresh smell of coffee early in the morning.
  • Lying around in bed, starting a day in a slow pace.
  • Sun on your face.
  • Going slowly through the pages of amazing book, savoring every sentence, every scene, not rushing towards the end.
  • Driving around listening to your favorite music, slowly cruising.
  • Standing completely still in a crowded place watching life unfolds around you.
  • Preparing a nice meal and enjoying a new blockbuster.
  • Singing like you’re a singing diva.
  • Long, hot showers…feeling the water slide down, breathing out, letting go…
  • The moment when body touches the bed in the evening.
  • Getting lost in daydreaming.
  • Walking through forest after the rain.
  • Watching the waves.
  • Sea breeze in your hair.
  • Dipping your toes in the sand.
  • Dipping your fingers, too.

Never Forget. Life is made of the little things that happen while we idly wait for “big things” to unfold.

Kristina Kantar is a writer and soul-searcher. She believes in miraculousness of life, in following your heart and the power of dreams. Strong advocate of freedom of human spirit and nonconformance to...

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