Bernie Sanders has caused voters nationwide to “feel the Bern”. However, his nationwide hype is destined to again fall short

He has the support of millennials and Generation Z voters across the country, as well as the chutzpah to truly make our country great again; however, the powers that be – the Democratic National Party will never allow Bernie Sanders to become president.  Over the course of two presidential campaigns, Sanders has represented the idealistic hope of the nation’s youth. Sanders has the star power and experience as well as the reputation as a man of the people, yet he is far too volatile to successfully be elected to represent the Democratic party in the White House. 

America has and always will choose capitalism over idealism, it is how our country has operated since the beginning, not even Bernie Sanders could convince an entire nation to change its ways.  Bernie Sanders is the candidate we may deserve, yet do not need. His brand of socialism may closely align with the Democratic party, however, his political opinions are simply too controversial for him to be elected as a nominee.  His campaign can change lives, but the higher powers in the Democratic party simply are not yet ready for him. 

Lingering Cold War Sentiments

It may be the 21st century yet our nation still isn’t completely over the Red Scare of the INSERT YEAR which grew into a decades’ long Cold War. We the people remain wary of any political ideologies that are affiliated with communism. Despite him riding on the Democratic ticket, Sander’s platform is heavily built around socialism, promising free healthcare and college tuition; two of the key factors in his large supporter base. Despite socialism being an attractive option to young voters especially when presented by a candidate like Bernie, in the end as history has shown, voters ultimately turn to capitalism. 

The only reason Sanders made it down to the final two Democratic candidates in 2016 was that he ran on the Democratic ticket.  America showed that it was not ready for a democratic socialist then, most likely they will be even less open to the idea in 2020. 

Despite his popularity, America as a nation is still wary of any political schools of thought that are similar to communism. Accordingly,  he was thrown under the bus in favor of his more capitalism friendly opponent Hillary Clinton during his first bid for the White House. In his second bid for the White House, Sanders will most likely lose the party nomination to fellow candidate Elizabeth Warren who offers a capitalist-driven version of the progressive democratic party. 

Political Poise vs Blind Bluster 

Bernie Sanders has bluster and dedication coming out of his pores and his passionate, fiery speeches inspire millions at his rallies, yet on the debate stage, these strengths make him look naive and unprepared. Sanders has had decades of experience, channeling his efforts as a Vermont state senator and two- time Democratic candidate into idealistic rage-filled rants of an old man, who when confronted, simply shouts louder and proposes the same points in each debate. 

While Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg used their political and childhood experiences of overcoming to craft scripted moments showcasing their strengths as candidates, Sanders can be counted on to resort to angrily yelling about the capitalist culture of America and how he has been on the front lines throughout his decades’ long political career. His tweetable moments are unscripted and raw while his opponents spend weeks with their teams crafting the perfect knockout punch to swing on the nation’s debate stage.

This very same persona, his unrestricted passion and bluster on the national stage in the grand scheme of things holds him back from achieving his goal of becoming president. Sanders is the rare candidate who is truly authentic; this may very well be his downfall.  A campaign run by a scrappy idealistic politician has absolutely no hope of winning in the big leagues of a political system that is dominated by capitalism, professional pollsters, and social media influencers ready to jump into action on a moment’s notice. 

America at its core is Capitalist

Bernie Sanders may be what we need… no deserve, yet he is not what our nation wants now or in the foreseeable future. During the 2016 election, the Democratic party saw this and chose Hillary the more sensible and economical candidate, and now in his second race, he will once again be passed over for Elizabeth Warren his fellow progressive candidate.

Our nation is built on capitalism, powered by capitalism and run by capitalists. Given the voting record of our country and the lengths, the Democratic party will go to to ensure a candidate who will uphold capitalism, In a country where the almighty dollar holds more value than any rhetoric about morals, goodwill or civil rights. it is highly unlikely that anyone like Bernie Sanders will be elected in either my lifetime or yours.

Amanda Parisse is Generation Z Voice at the Pavlovic Today. She is studying Communications with an interest in psychology, at Goucher College in Towson Maryland. Her specific interests include civil liberties,...

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