Photo: William Moon

Festive at the White House with the arrival of the French president Emmanuel Macron

As the French president, Emmanuel Macron arrived for the state visit, glamours atmosphere could be felt at the White House today. As the White House press corps gathered at the stakeout for the afternoon arrival of the Macrons, a myriad of vivacious, French journalists were present, snapping the pictures of their leader.  

After exiting the black limousine, President Macron leaned in for a hug with President Trump, giving him an air kiss on his left cheek. The state leaders went into the Oval Office for a brief meeting.

From there,  they stepped out on the South Lawn where they stopped on the drive to pose for a photo. The First Ladies each dressed in formal wear,  waved at the press smiling, showing that they are fond of each other’s company.  

Photo: William Moon
The tree-planting

While the Marine One was waiting to take them to Mount Vernon, the couples went to plant the tree the Macrons gifted the U.S. government.

Photo: William Moon

The sapling is a European Sessile Oak that measures approximately 4.5 feet tall with an estimated age of 5-10 years old. The tree comes from Belleau Wood and is a historic landmark of the United States engagement in the First World War.

Over 9,000 American Marines died in the Belleau Wood battle in June 1918 and the forest is a memorial site and important symbol of the sacrifice the United States made to ensure peace and stability in Europe.

In front of the press at the South Lawn, each leader was handed a shovel, and President Trump and President Macron then threw in two shovels of dirt each. As President Trump retreated, his counterpart appeared to throw in the third shovelful of dirt for good measure.

Pooler shouted the question at President Trump about whether President Macron had “convinced” him to stay in Syria, and he indicated that he couldn’t hear the question by cupping his ear.

A scenic tour of historic monuments in Washington, ending at Mount Vernon

President Trump commented on how special France is and what an honor it was to host the Macrons.

Photo: William Moon

The couples then walked to Marine One and took off for a scenic tour of historic monuments in Washington, ending at Mount Vernon—the iconic home of America’s first President, George Washington. President Trump was eager to host the Macrons for this special event as he remembers, fondly, his visit to France  and the dinner the couples shared together in the Eiffel Tower on the eve of Bastille Day that was last July in 2017.

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