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Daily Download on PEOTUS: “Some people are upset their candidate lost in November, but that’s not going to stop us”, said Jason Miller on Russian cyber hack revelations.

Today marks 39 days out of Inauguration day. At this point, President-elect Trump has assembled 63% of his cabinet. It has been suggested this morning that the transition team has a thorough vetting process of all nominees, including specific vetting procedures on behalf of the finance committee.

This morning, the President-elect announced his intention to nominate former Commander of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Gen. John Kelly, for the Secretary of Homeland Security. President-elect said that Kelly is an ideal choice for keeping America safe and for protecting our borders.

“Gen. John Kelly’s decades of military service and deep commitment to fighting the threat of terrorism inside our borders makes him the ideal choice to serve as our Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security,” said President-elect Donald J. Trump. “He is the right person to spearhead the urgent mission of stopping illegal immigration and securing our borders, streamlining TSA and improving coordination between our intelligence and law enforcement agencies. With Gen. Kelly at the helm of DHS, the American people will have a leader committed to our safety as well as one who will work hand-in-hand with America’s rank-and-file TSA, ICE and Border Patrol officers.”

The announcement for the long anticipated Secretary of State position will be coming sometime this week, in the next few days.

This morning, President-elect started his meetings with Carly Fiorina and will be meeting throughout the day with Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Senator Manchin has prioritized job creation, as well as fiscal and energy responsibility.

Next, President-elect will be meeting with Idaho Congressman  Raul Labrador who is serving in his 3rd term. Labrador is a conservative member of the House, involved in immigration and criminal justice reform.

Scheduled for today is the meeting with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers from Washington state. She is coming into her second meeting with President-elect  and is a possible candidate for a Secretary of Interior.

Next, President-elect will be meeting with the the first Navy SEAL combat veteran  elected to the U.S. Congress, Ryan Zinke.

For his final meeting for the day,  President-elect will meet with a former Texas Governer Rick Perry. They already had a meeting on  homeland security, border control, illegal immigration, and other pressing issues.

As for the updates on the Thank You Tour, tomorrow at 7pm, President-elect will be in Wisconsin.

On Wednesday, President-elect will be holding a Tech Summit with industry leaders in the Trump Tower in New York. Some of the names expected to attend are Sheryl Sandberg, Tim Cook, Larry Page, with further confirmation coming later today.

There is some information implying that Gary Cohn, Gold Sachs CEO, has accepted  the job as national economic council, however, President-elect hasn’t made an official announcement yet on that front.

Commenting on the revelation of the Russian cyber hack, Spokesman Jason Miller said this morning that “it was clearly an attempt to delegitimize president Trump’s win. At first it was the recount, the popular vote, and now this anonymous off-the-record sources bringing conflicting information. Some people are upset their candidate lost in November, but that’s not going to stop us”.

With this, we complete our Daily Download and will be resuming tomorrow with the latest update on PEOTUS.

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