On Tuesday, at the White House Press Briefing, commenting on the challenged accuracy of a CNN story on Russian collusion which resulted in the resignation of the three journalists, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders mentioned a video that is circulating right now showing the bias of CNN.

“Whether it’s accurate or not I don’t know, but I would encourage everybody in this room, and, frankly, everybody across the country to take a look at it.  I think if it is accurate, I think it’s a disgrace to all of the media, to all of the journalism,” Sanders stated.

“I think”, she continued,  “that we have gone to a place where if the media can’t be trusted to report the news, then that’s a dangerous place for America.  And I think if that is the place that certain outlets are going, particularly for the purpose of spiking ratings, and if that’s coming directly from the top, I think that’s even scarier and certainly more disgraceful.  And I hope that that’s not the direction we’re headed.  I hope that outlets that have continued to use either unnamed sources, sometimes stories with no sources at all — we’ve been going on this Russia-Trump hoax for the better part of a year now with no evidence of anything.”

What is your reaction to this video? Why is fake news a problem? If it is accurate, would you say that it’s a disgrace to all of the media, to all of the journalism?

YouTube video

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