Lindsay Walters was today on her last trip to Palm Beach before leaving the White House.

At 6:13 pm, AF1 touched back down at JBA. 

POTUS exited at 6:23 along with the First Lady and Barron.  He was followed by Sec. Carson, Emma Doyle and Stephanie Grisham.  All but Carson boarded AF1. 

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner exited the back of the plane with their kids.  

Wilbur Ross also got off from the back of the plane. Derek Lyons exited from the back.  

Kushner kneeled down with his kids watching as Marine One pulled away at 6:27 on its way to the White House.  Photogs got photos. 

The flight was largely uneventful. POTUS did not pay pool a visit though the pool section did briefly become the center of a brief game of hide and seek for a cute toddler, Theo, Ivanka’s son. Ivanka Trump also found herself stopping by to say hello. 

Thanks again to fellow poolers Nancy Cook, George Bennett and others for assists. 

And Congrats to Lindsay Walters on her last trip to Palm Beach before movíng to the private sector. 

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