DC Mayor Muriel Bowser denies requesting mutual aid from the National Guard and denounces federal police tactics. Candy Chan reports on the latest developments in the nation’s capital.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser held a press conference on Tuesday morning to address the actions of the federal police on Monday night which sparked further outrage across the nation. 

Clashes between police and protesters carried on past curfew with over 300 arrests made, according to DC Police Chief Peter Newsham. The leading causes of arrest were violations of curfew, burglary, and felony rioting. The 300 arrests made last night, the fourth night of protesting in DC, saw a dramatic spike in numbers, with Newsham recounting from memory the 18 arrests made on the first night and 88 on the second. 

Bowser started the press briefing with a quick remark on DC’s statehood, which is an initiative she continues to fight for and has for a long time. “The events of the last several days,” she said, “demonstrate that our fight for statehood is more than about getting to senators, but it’s also about our right as taxpaying Americans to autonomy.”

Bowser Calls Federal Police Tactics ‘Shameful!’ 

In a tweet last night, Bowser called the federal police’s tactics to clear protesters “Shameful!” As she addressed the press this morning, Bowser clarified that she did not request mutual assistance, a process in which emergency responders like state police can lend help across state borders. She said she did not make any requests for the presence of the Arlington County police and the National Guard. 

When asked about the federal agencies’ decision to call in extra enforcement, Bowser said, “we will have ongoing conversations. … We have an emergency response in the district, and we’re going to continue to work with all of the federal agencies who are here, we’re going to continue to let the people know, who are responsible for these decisions, how wrong we think it is, and how it doesn’t make us safer.” 

DC Primaries Will Not Be Affected By The Curfew

With DC primaries ending on Tuesday, Bowser took the opportunity to encourage more people to vote in person or through mail-in ballots. As voting is essential, those out to vote will be exempt from the 7 pm curfew. 

Bowser said that she herself will go to a voting station after the press briefing.  

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