David Lynch, an American filmmaker, and photographer hosts 2 exhibitions in Switzerland to exhibit some of his dearest lithographs and drawings of Federico Fellini. 

David Lynch, named “the most important director of his era” by The Guardian, is currently hosting two exhibitions   

 entitled “Fire in City” and “Dreams – A tribute to Fellini”. Having met Federico Fellini, an Italian film director, and screenwriter, in a hospital room before he went into a coma and passed away, Lynch’s exhibition in Sion features a series of works unveiled for the first time and 12 drawings by Fellini in this exhibition in Sion. Lynch shared fascination by Fellini and described Fellini’s work as “perfect and beautiful”. 

Lynch’s other exhibition, “Fire in City”, exhibits some of Lynch’s recent lithographs and engravings. Themes include dreams and nightmares, urban and industrial worlds, animals and insects, men and women, all inspired by the artist’s regular trips to Paris to the Atelier.

IDEM in Montparnasse district was a place where he explored the techniques of printmaking. The creations were produced using limestones from the studio, each of which has been repolished and reused over the many years of the studio’s existence.

Lynch’s work creates an atmosphere for its viewers where the light is central to his work. He describes life as never being entirely tender nor utterly violent. Allusions to significant moments in his life start with a description of lighting as we see in the expression of his perception and feelings. Textures, shades, and shapes emerging from his work encapture an emotional feel of his artwork. 

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