LONDON—In a lengthy and damning report, a parliamentary committee consisting of MPs from various parties has concluded that Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister, intentionally deceived Parliament regarding the violation of lockdown rules at Number 10. The report unveils Johnson’s attempts to mislead the House, undermine the democratic process, and manipulate the interpretation of rules and guidance.

Shocking the political sphere, the committee recommends a 90-day suspension from Parliament for Johnson, a much lengthier period than anticipated. Johnson preemptively stepped down as an MP after receiving advanced knowledge of the report, dismissing its contents as “deranged.”

Furthermore, the committee proposes that Johnson be denied a former member’s pass, a privilege entitling MPs lifetime access to the House of Commons. This revelation has sent shockwaves through Westminster, indicating that Johnson have exited the stage before facing more severe consequences. Even if he had not reacted strongly to the initial findings, the committee confirms their intention to suspend him for a duration sufficient to initiate a by-election. These revelations cast a significant shadow over Johnson’s political future.

During his testimony, Johnson was questioned about his statements in Parliament that the guidance had been followed, despite his participation in Downing Street social events. The committee deems his explanations disingenuous and deliberate attempts to mislead, alleging that he twisted the meanings of rules and guidance to suit his narrative while disregarding the truth.

Johnson’s resignation announcement last week, coupled with his characterization of the committee as a “kangaroo court,” adds to the list of serious contempts, leading the committee to extend the recommended suspension to 90 days. Responding defiantly, Johnson dismissed the findings as lies and rubbish, claiming that the committee was forced to make absurd assertions to reach such a deranged conclusion. He labeled it a dire day for MPs and democracy.

The report will undergo a debate and vote on Monday, which is highly likely to receive approval in the House of Commons. Johnson, however, displayed no remorse in his response. In a lengthy 1,600-word statement, he emphasized that it is now up to the MPs to vote and determine whether they accept the report’s recommendations. The Leader of the House of Commons stated that MPs should have the freedom to vote according to their judgment rather than strict party lines.

Thus far, at least nine Conservative MPs have criticized the findings. Allies of Boris Johnson consider the suggestion of a 90-day suspension vindictive.

Read the full report here

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