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According to President Joe Biden, COVID-19 cases have declined in all 50 states as of today. 

On May 17 at 1:00 p.m., President Joe Biden made an announcement that the pandemic cases are the lowest it has ever been. 60% of Americans have been vaccinated, and Biden gave thanks to those individuals for helping to lower COVID cases in their communities. 

Since vaccinations have become widely available, statistics have shown that deaths from the pandemic are down by 81%. This is the lowest that the death rate has been since April 2020. Because of this, Biden claims that the economy is making leaps and bounds with the help of the vaccination. 

Since many individuals have been vaccinated, the CDC has announced that masks are no longer required for people that have had both vaccines. Biden encourages individuals to receive their vaccine so that survival rates can go up and masks can come off. 

Biden also addressed his goal of wanting 70% of adults to receive at least one vaccine by July 4, 2021. “Seven states have already done this,” said President Joe Biden. “Getting vaccinated has never been easier. There are over 80,000 locations where you can get a shot and 90% of you live within five miles of these locations.” 

With these encouraging numbers that are being presented, it is easy to see why America needs the vaccine.

Hannah Walker is a health reporter at The Pavlovic Today.

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