US Homeland Advisor Tom Bossert

According to US Homeland Advisor Tom Bossert, counter terrorism talks dominated both private and bilateral meetings between President Trump and Macron.

US homeland advisor Tom Bossert said in the White House  press gaggle  that President Trump and Emmanuel Macron discussed  Syria and counter terrorism in general, as this will be “an enduring and ongoing problem after “our defeat-ISIS campaign takes the physical caliphate from ISIS.”The two leaders discussed ways to combat terrorist propaganda from social media sites and the Internet an objective that both countries share.

In the context of Iran, president  Macron and president Trump have also addressed the ways for limiting, containing and ultimately removing  Iranian sponsorship for terrorism and its regional influence. Current relations with  Qatar were also on the meeting’s agenda.

Bossert also stressed that Macron and Trump spoke about future dialogue with Russia regarding issues in cybersecurity expectations and norms. These future dialogues come after the recent G20 summit in which America and Russia announced a ceasefire in Syria which is now on the fifth day of successful ceasefire, and both Presidents, both publicly and privately, were quite pleased with that development and hopeful that that would continue.

Intelligence-sharing and counterterrorism-sharing

Bossert maintained that the intelligence-sharing and counterterrorism-sharing between America and France have never been better. “We’ve got the strongest relations — in fact, the strongest security relations — at least counterterrorism security relations with the French ever”, he said.

Bessert stressed that the relationship  the two Presidents have forged will increase the trust that’s required for  intelligence-sharing relationship. “ I think that the conversations, in particular, in the extended bilateral that I attended, put some additional details and framework on the strategic objectives for the sharing of that information and the vital interests that we’re seeking to protect,” he said.

In France, President Trump thanked President Macron for France’s continued and pretty extensive support for not only American efforts but for global efforts to counter terrorism in North Africa and throughout the Sahel region.

Marc Chaumoun has contributed to this report

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