Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood made the case in his column for Britain to rejoin the EU single market.

Ellwood has been a vocal critic of PM Boris Johnson for quite sometime and said that Brexit is reducing the UK’s GDP by 4%.

He argued, in his column, that exports to Europe have shrunk by £20bn. 

“In a nutshell, all these challenges would disappear if we dare to advance our Brexit model by re-joining the EU single market (the Norway model),” he said causing an outrage from his colleagues.

“No. The UK voted to leave the EU. That meant leaving the Single Market and putting an end to freedom of movement. The end,” said MP Mark Harper.

Lord David Frost, the United Kingdom’s Chief Brexit Negotiator, believes that “being in the single market, but not in the EU, means accepting lots of laws set by people we didn’t elect and can’t get rid of.”

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