The Conservative leadership contest for Britain’s next Prime Minister is in full swing. Tuesday’s third televised debate has been canceled at short notice after Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak refused to participate after Sunday’s ITV debacle of Conservative leadership candidates taking chunks out of each other’s record in the same government.

A source in Parliament told The Pavlovic Today that “the biggest winner of Sunday’s ITV debate was the Labour Party, and they were not even represented, as no one wanted to see the Conservatives going after each other.

“They should never have accepted the broadcaster’s format of asking each other questions in the debate.”

On Monday afternoon, the five candidates competing for Britain’s next Prime Minister arrived at the UK Parliament’s first floor for the MPs’ private hustings. By Monday evening, Members of the Parliament will eliminate one of the candidates from the contest.

Tom Tugendhat was standing in a corridor with a dark folder under his arm, and the room was ready for him. Kemi Badenoch came out in a white dress with blue stripes having completed her presentation and Q&A session with the Conservative MPs who will vote this evening. Asked about how she was feeling, she said she was feeling good.

It was Tugendhat’s turn to go in. He paused to throw out chewing gum from his mouth before entering.

While Tugendhat was presenting at the private hustings, Liz Truss came out of a side door. She was wearing a navy blue dress.

“Hi, how are you,” she waved at the press with a smile. She walked a little down the corridor and stepped away from reporters. She was approached by four staff members who could be overheard complimenting her.

“It’s all good,” Tom said with high energy, as he walked out from the private hustings. He was determined he won’t stop to talk to the press.

Then Liz Truss came into the room to present her case and convince the MPs that she should stay in the running. Politics is always a survival game, never more than a leadership election.

After his hustings, Rishi Sunak came out alone in a dark blue suit with a turquoise tie. After leaving the committee room where he had his ordeal by interrogation, he was on the phone talking to his daughter.

“I love you,” he could be overheard saying. From the first glance, it’s clear with Rishi that he draws his strength from his family.

Despite his strong showing in the debate competition so far, the consensus is that Tom Tugendhat will be eliminated from the leadership competition vote this evening.

Results will be announced by Sir Graham Brady at 8 pm London time. The Pavlovic Today is on the ground at Westminster. Stay tuned for the update.


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