Chelsea attack left many injured, and even more confused with what had just happened, and more importantly – why?

Bang. Bang. Bang. Shots echoed in the streets. It was late, dark, and scary. Even in the concrete jungle many were suddenly awoken by the blast. Chelsea attack left many injured, and even more confused with what had just happened, and more importantly – why?

Last Saturday New Yorkers were jilted awake during an attack in the downtown area of Chelsea. Stumbling out of various nightclubs, restaurants, and apartment complexes many were astonished at the scene that had just occurred. 31 injured. None, thankfully, died. After the initial aftershock settled many were left with questions unanswered. Who would do this? What were their intentions? Why?

What We Know about Chelsea attack

Ahmad Khan Rahami is the attacker based on all current information that has been released. Initially thought not to be an intentional act, it was later found out that the perpetrator’s father put him on the FBI watch list for potential terrorist suspects.  Yet, the actions were never followed through. His named remained on the list. This did not prevent him from buying the materials required for assembling a bomb. This did not prevent him from getting in a shoot out with officers on Monday, therefore purchasing a gun at an earlier time. Although the NYPD went to great extents to avoid using the word “terror,” it was later confirmed by Mayor Bill DeBlasio that this was indeed an intentional act.

Law officials cited Mr. Rahami’s main reason for the attack as being related to extreme Islamic ideology. The biggest mystery in the case of Mr. Rahami is when is it time to stop investigating. FBI officials started an investigation back in 2014 based on several calls from his father regarding his son’s radical behavior, yet they were suspended after just a couple months. This is not normal. It is not justified to commit acts of terror. It is heartbreaking to see innocent people injured.

Following a Pattern

This past summer has been filled with terrorism, from the shooting in Orlando in early June, up until this most recent attack American security has been put to the test. In the wake of these atrocities it is imperative that we as a society look within to see what preventative measures can be taken.

In terms of legislation, despite the efforts of Democratic members of Congress and their sit in gun control is still a prevalent issue. It remains a hot button topic for this year’s presidential election. Many are astounded with how those who have been diagnosed as mentally ill, who have previously been arrested for aggravated assault, or acts of terror are still easily able to gain access to weapons. This pattern of irresponsibility cannot continue. It is a civic duty to take past moments, learn from them, and grow as a society. Evolution is an asset, and in this case would be beneficiary.

Preventative Measures

Although it is uncertain what security measures are being implemented to prevent further attacks, the NYPD has continued to assure New Yorkers of their efforts to dissolve any potential harmful situations. This horrific act remains as a lesson for both State and government officials on what preventative actions they can implement in order to ensure that this does not happen again.

It is essential for all aspects of the case to be examined, but more importantly what the intentions imply. With this information officials can continue to investigate the bombing. Security and the safety of all Americans remain at the forefront of this issue.

Our hearts go out to all of the family and friends of those injured in Saturday’s attacks.

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