Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino, a known global warming denier and a former Republican candidate for the Governor of New York, said in the press pool today that he does not really believe climate change is manmade.

Carl Paladino
Carl Paladino in Trump Tower, Monday December 5th 2016

Sometime around  3:20 PM today, Carl Paladino, a former Republican candidate for the Governor of New York and one of  Trump’s key campaign allies, appeared in front of the press pool in New York City saying: “ I have nothing”. Paladino said that his  meeting with Trump was good and that they were talking about all sorts of things, but affirmed that he is not looking for a position in Trump’s cabinet.  “We are friends,” Paladino said.

Asked about what he thought of Trump meeting with Al Gore, Paladino shared his views: “ Wonderful. I think that he is meeting with whole array of people and that he is a happy guy”.

Addressing what seem to be a paradox that Trump is consulting with Al Gore given the former’s Democratic Presidential candidate’s views  on climate change, Paladino explained why he did not think that was an issue.

“ I don’t have any concerns. You know if we are going through climate change it does not necessarily mean it was manmade. Climate change may be a natural thing happening as it did you know our world going in cycles so I don’t really believe it was man made and man created. If it should be addressed, yes. Al Gore is supposed to be an expert, so we’ll see.”

Sharing his views on Trump’s reaching out to prominent Democrats, Paladino said:

“ I think we are going in meetings with lot of democrats and you got to remember lot of democrats voted for Donald Trump, many good people and there is good and bad in all the parties so I don’t have any problem with that, “ he remarked  leaving the press pool.

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