Due to supply issues, British Tesco is now limiting the number of egg boxes per consumer. Customers are allowed to purchase three boxes at a time. 

Grocery stores, Asda and Lidl, have also implemented rations on the product at some of their stores. 

The existing shortages are partially due to producers cutting back on output or withdrawing from the industry due to increasing prices. Other variables are the rising cost of poultry farmers’ energy consumption due to a war in Ukraine and the expenses of chicken feed, hens, and packaging.

The UK is currently undergoing its largest-ever avian influenza outbreak, which has culled about two million birds on British farms. 

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is requesting an “urgent investigation” by the government into the severe disruption in the egg supply chain.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is partially responsible for increasing inflation, and consumers are desperately looking for cheaper alternatives to protein, like eggs. Some supermarkets, such as Aldi, have even implemented anti-theft devices on cheese products to prevent shoplifting. 

An Asda spokesman noted that “we are working hard with our suppliers to resolve the industry challenges which are currently affecting all supermarkets and to make sure as many customers as possible can buy eggs, we have introduced a temporary limit of two boxes per customer.” 

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) spokesperson said, “We understand the difficulties that rising costs combined with the bird flu outbreak are causing for farmers and we are working with industry to monitor the egg market,”

The added that the UK’s food supply chain is “resilient – there are 38 million laying hens across the country and we are not expecting any significant impact to the overall supply.” 


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