Every day, cosmetic surgeries are being performed on Generation Z and Millennial women. With women wanting to feel more confident in their own skin, doctors are making it easier for young adults to receive the cosmetic procedures they need. However, the question of whether breast implants are still a taboo topic is one that everyone is left asking. 

According to plastic surgeon Dr. William J. Binder, cosmetic surgeries like breast implants are wanted more by the younger generation due to 10 reasons:

—it’s safe

—it’s sexy

—social media

—it’s their choice

—envisioning the future

—living in the now

—urban convenience

—it’s not permanent

—they’re “experimenting”

—the results are great

Woman planning to have a breast implant. (Photo credit:  Shutterstock)

For these reasons, the younger generation continues to want to receive cosmetic procedures to eliminate any flaws that bother them. In a world where beauty has been made a priority for Gen Z’s, it’s often important to them that they remove any flaws that could lower their self-esteem. 

According to a study performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Guy M. Stofman, half of the women that received breast augmentations had higher self-esteem in the bedroom. They reported having a better self-image of themselves, and they felt sexier with their significant other. 

Many Gen Z and Millennial women agree with Dr. Stofman’s study and claim that it is a significant reason why they decided to receive breast augmentation. 

According to a 17-year-old graduate named Valencia that did an interview with Inside Edition, getting a breast augmentation is something that helped her to feel less self-conscious about her small cup size. “The thing I hate about being flat-chested is wearing little dresses…I just wish I had cleavage.” After convincing her parents to allow her to receive a breast augmentation, she went to a local cosmetic surgeon for a consultation to have the procedure done. 

Unlike Valencia, some Gen Z’s are more hesitant on receiving any kinds of cosmetic procedures. “It’s a complicated subject,” says University of Louisville student Mac Allen. “It can build confidence for some, but cause more body insecurities to develop for younger kids.”  

With this in mind, cosmetic surgeries will continue to be a touchy topic. However, Gen Z’s are continuing to normalize the process of receiving cosmetic procedures in hopes of increasing body confidence. Nonetheless, it is important that young adults do their research on breast augmentation prior to receiving the invasive surgery for their self-esteem. 

Hannah Walker is a health reporter at The Pavlovic Today.

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