There is no greater thrill and enjoyment than being your own boss.

Today, youth is raised with the ultimate hope that their educational efforts will be rewarded with an excellent job position compensating for their years of hard work. Much is changing in our society where the idea of entrepreneurship is starting to become widespread and people are starting to contemplate whether or not to partake in such endeavor. Similarly, society’s youth is often ambiguous, and sometimes hesitant, to embark upon an entrepreneurial journey.

The young minds should consider a career as an entrepreneur for the unlimited learning potential it offers alongside the thrill and enjoyment from being your own boss.

As an entrepreneur, you strive to be optimistic and open-minded to the uncertainty of tomorrow. Sincere efforts and dedication on your part may prove your journey as an entrepreneur to be a very lucrative one.

You must have confidence in your capabilities and skills

Entrepreneurship provides a platform through which individuals must step out in faith and trust their abilities and instincts as they attempt to offer a refreshing perspective to society. Such a perspective is often neglected by society in the early stages of the entrepreneur’s journey, but the fact of the matter is that entrepreneurs exist to provide out-of-the-box solutions that the average man probably wouldn’t accept readily.

Whether it be a new technology start-up or the mere existence of a brand’s store, the idea of entrepreneurship is being embraced and utilized.

Failure is a matter of perception

In an era where many people are immensely afraid of failure, the idea of entrepreneurship can fuel fear of trying. Although this fear will surely place you in a state of ambiguity and anxiety, it must be conquered with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Failure is a matter of perception – yet for many it is where the journey ends.

However, failure should instead serve as a tool for you to realize the strength of your abilities through self-exploration. It is only after mustering up the courage to exit your comfort zone, that real growth occurs in you. Such growth is what lasts, not temporary failures which are an integral component of the entire process.

The most powerful opportunity to grow, beyond the realms of your comfort zone, is entrepreneurship – where one can start their own business with enthusiasm and hope, regardless of the fear it brings to the heart. Such entrepreneurial spirit, if utilized correctly, usually brings about massive innovations and discoveries which accelerate self-growth as well as society’s well-being.

Tech entrepreneurs including but not limited to Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, share something in common: both individuals, in their early years, felt the need to actualize the entrepreneurial thoughts they had once envisioned for the betterment of society.

Creativity and innovation of an entrepreneur

In the current era, creativity and innovation are highly valued and those to offer solutions to a society consisting of these two elements, are well on their way to achieving a reputable name and standing out among their peers.

This is not, in any way, discouraging students from selecting the conventional pathway: pursuing a job in a well-established firm and slowly progressing up the corporate ladder.

We are taught, since childhood, to embrace this pathway to success – precisely why many of us instinctively turn a blind eye to the entrepreneurial opportunities out there.

Although climbing the corporate ladder  is quite often deemed desirable, it doesn’t allow you to start from scratch as you would while trying to start a new business.

Seek self-actualization

Standard career path poses a problem for people seeking self-actualization who would take great pride in knowing that they built an entire empire/business by themselves – a need best satisfied by becoming an entrepreneur and utilizing whatever resources may be available to you. Undoubtedly, this will present challenges but whose rewards are well-deserved by those who put in the efforts.

Nonetheless, entrepreneurship is naturally not going to appeal to everyone and not everyone can achieve success from attempting to establish the foundation of any business: an idea. For this reason, it is futile to expect an entrepreneur out of every individual.

However, regardless of what endeavor you have chosen for yourself, simply developing an entrepreneurial mindset will allow you to envision yourself as a leader – and with your actions and dedication to your goals, such a thought will someday generate positive results.

Essentially, embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship is what originates from developing and nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset – what today’s society desperately needs.


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Basit Ali is a student at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto. Over the years, he has developed an exceptional interest in current business issues occurring on a global scale. As a commerce student,...

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