On the forthcoming Wednesday, the Westminster shall stand as the axis of attention as the erstwhile Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, struggles to salvage his political livelihood.

The Commons Privileges Committee is set to grill Johnson over allegations that he deliberately misled MPs about Downing Street lockdown parties.

Sources close to Johnson have revealed that the stakes are incredibly high, with the former PM reportedly holed up with a team of lawyers over the weekend, preparing for the showdown. The committee is primarily composed of Conservative MPs and will determine whether Johnson misled the House of Commons when he initially denied any rule-breaking regarding the supposed lockdown parties.

Sources suggest that Johnson’s legal team may focus on the advice he received at the time, hoping to demonstrate that he genuinely believed that no rules were being broken. If the committee remains unconvinced, they could recommend Johnson’s suspension from Parliament, with MPs then voting on the matter.

Despite the mounting pressure, Johnson is said to be confident in his ability to defend himself, and it is widely understood that the business of the House of Commons is not an area in which the government should interfere. However, the public nature of the hearing could harm Johnson’s public image, and a suspension from Parliament could trigger a by-election that may lead to his permanent removal from the House of Commons.

“The committee will vindicate Boris Johnson’s position. The evidence will show that Boris Johnson did not knowingly mislead parliament. Despite a 10-month investigation, the privileges committee has not produced a single piece of evidence showing Boris Johnson knowingly misled parliament. The committee will exonerate Boris Johnson of any contempt of parliament,” a statement released by Boris Johnson’s team asserts that evidence will demonstrate that he did not knowingly mislead Parliament.

Nevertheless, the outcome of Wednesday’s hearing remains uncertain, and the future of Johnson’s political career hangs precariously in the balance.


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