Hannah Walker discusses some of her favorite books that have shaped her and her generation. 

We all have that one book that we couldn’t seem to put down. One that inspired us, and allowed us to live so many different lives all at once. For me, different genres of books all impacted me in some way. Motivational books gave me the courage to go after what I wanted the most, fiction books allowed me to escape reality, and contemporary novels allowed me to go back in time to a society that doesn’t exist. However, there are a few books that impacted my life a little more than others. 

My favorite celebrity book…

Whiskey In A Teacup by Reese WhitherspoonThis book is an autobiography on the life of the famous actress Reese Witherspoon. In this book, she discusses the hardships of growing up in the south to growing up on the big screen. The best part? She shares some of her secret, southern recipes that she still loves making. 

Whiskey In A Teacup by Reese Whitherspoon

A book that everyone should read…

Did I Mention I Love You? By Estelle Maskame. This trilogy is for all the romantics out there. In the first book of the trilogy, a sixteen-year-old named Eden Munro falls head over heels for the brooding Tyler Bruce. The catch? They are step-brother and step-sister. Now, each is battling to keep their feelings in line while spending the whole summer together in Santa Monica, California. 

Did I Mention I Love You? By Estelle Maskame

A book for a difficult time…

Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Need a good laugh to get through the day? If so, then this is the book for you. In this memoir, actress Amy Poehler discusses difficult topics that women go through, but in a funny manner. She includes topics on plastic surgeries, birth control, boyfriends, and more. 

Yes Please by Amy Poehler.

A book that marked my childhood…

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. This best-selling children’s book is one that I continue to remember, even during adulthood. In this book, a fish with beautiful scales learns to share with friends he makes in the sea. 

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

My favorite non-fiction book…

The Intern Blues by Robert Marion M.D. In this classic book, a series of interns talk about their experiences of becoming a doctor. It is written in a diary format and includes many hardships that interns face while entering into the world of medicine. 

The Intern Blues by Robert Marion M.D

My favorite quote from a book…

Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens, p. 345: 

“You know what I am going to say. I love you.

What other men may mean when they use that expression, I cannot tell.

What I mean is that I am under the influence

of some tremendous attraction

which I have resisted in vain, and which overmasters me. 

You could draw me to fire, you could draw me to water,

you could draw me to the gallows, you could draw me to any death,

you could draw me to anything I have most avoided,   

you could draw me to any exposure and disgrace. 

This and the confusion of my thoughts,

so that I am fit for nothing,

is what I mean by your being the ruin of me.” 

Each of these books share insightful knowledge that can be shared with the world. Take your favorite books and hold them close to your heart, because each one will continue to shape your life. 

Hannah Walker is a health reporter at The Pavlovic Today.

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