Blinken’s Spokesperson, Matt Miller, has urged the Serbian government to take “immediate” and “unconditional” action regarding the release of three Kosovo police officers.

The officers were detained on June 14 amidst the ongoing crisis in northern Kosovo. Miller emphasized that the officers’ arrest and continued detention on “spurious charges” have only worsened an “already tense situation.”

We call on President Vucic and the Serbian government to immediately and unconditionally release the three Kosovo police detained on June 14. Their arrest and ongoing detention on spurious charges has exacerbated an already tense situation. 

State Department Spokeperson Matt Miller

In addition to demanding their release, Miller reiterated the call for both Serbia and Kosovo to adhere to the EU’s three-point plan and promptly resume the EU-facilitated Dialogue.

“We also continue to call on both Serbia and Kosovo to follow the three-point plan outlined by the EU and return to the EU-facilitated Dialogue without delay,” said Miller.

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