(THE PAVLOVIC TODAY) — Air Force One touched down at 8:06 am in heavy rain and blustery wind. The president disembarked at 8:20 am and got in the Beast. He wore a tan raincoat and carried a large black umbrella.

Here’s what his day looks like today.


8:30 AM President Biden arrives at the Pentagon

8:50 AM President Biden attends a wreath laying ceremony at The Pentagon.

9:50 AM President Biden delivers remarks to honor and remember the victims of the September 11th terror attack

11:05 AM President Biden arrives at the White House


Ben Samaroo: My Protest Against The British Monarchy 

The Queen’s passing and the accession of King Charles to me and many other families serve as a bitter reminder of the British empire’s violent exploitation and generational trauma resulting from colonization. The event, at the same time, marked a golden opportunity for Canada to re-evaluate its relationship with the monarchy and, at a minimum,…

Copy Of The King’s Presentation Of Address

MPs and Lords came together at Westminster Hall—built by the son of William the Conqueror back in 1097—this morning to hear from the King for the first time since becoming monarch and express their condolences.  Her Majesty will lie in state at Westminster Hall from 5 pm on Wednesday until the day of her funeral.…

Biden Says He Hasn’t Yet Spoken To King Charles

(THE PAVLOVIC TODAY) — In brief remarks before departing Delaware this morning, President Biden was asked by the traveling press if he had spoke to King Charles since has been formally proclaimed King at St. James’s Palace in London. “No,” said Biden. “I’ve spoken to him many times but I haven’t spoken to him since…

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