11:00 AM    President Biden receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

7:15 PM      President Biden departs the White House en route to The Anthem, Washington, D.C.

7:55 PM    President Biden  delivers remarks at the League of Conservation Voters annual Capital Dinner

8:55 PM     President Biden arrives at the White House

Briefing Schedule

1:45 PM    Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre 


Enes Kanter Freedom: President Biden Let Me Down 

In a captivating tête-à-tête interview with Enes Kanter, the towering figure in the NBA realm and a staunch defender of human rights, I was privy to a transformative chapter of his life. At that time, he was playing for the Portland Trail Blazers while fearlessly expressing his disapproval of Turkish President Erdogan’s policies. Kanter was…

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John Kirby Urges Serbian Authorities To Assist In Kosovo’s Banjska Investigation

In an on-the-record gaggle for White House press corps the Pavlovic Today is part of, addressing foreign policy matters today, NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby delivered remarks focusing on the situation in northern Kosovo. The central theme of the discussion revolved around US concerns regarding a “worrying cycle of rising tensions and sporadic…

Speaker McCarthy Pushes For Stop-Gap Spending Bill On House Floor, Citing President Biden’s ‘Historic Failure On The Southern Border’

Speaker McCarthy is putting a stop-gap government spending bill on the House floor, citing President Biden’s “historic failure on the southern border” as the primary reason. A government shutdown appears imminent as the clock ticks towards midnight on Saturday. The blame game intensifies, with the White House closely monitoring the countdown to the midnight expiration…

Biden’s schedule for September 29, 2023 is out

9:00 AM President Biden receives the Presidential Daily Briefing 9:35 AM President Biden, Vice President, and the Second Gentleman depart the White House en route to Arlington, Virginia 10:30 AM President Biden delivers remarks at the Armed Forces Farewell Tribute in honor of General Mark A. Milley, 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,…

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