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President Biden announced that this month will be the National Month of Action: a way to encourage unvaccinated people to get the vaccine by July 4. 

President Joe Biden announced today that June 2021 will be the National Month of Action: a way to encourage people to get vaccinated by his goal date of July 4, 2021. During National Month of Action, national organizations, community centers, businesses and colleges will all take part in making the vaccine readily accessible.

Five steps to easier vaccinations

1. Free child care services for parents: from now until July 4th, Kindercare, Learning Care Group, YMCA and Bright Horizons will all be offering free child care for any parents that still need time to receive their vaccine.

2. Extended pharmacy hours: pharmacies across the country are now offering 24-hour services every Friday, so individuals can get vaccinated. If you have been struggling to get time off to receive your vaccine, now is the chance!

3. Shots at the Shop: in taking steps for better equity, the president has announced that he will team up with the Black Coalition Against COVID to offer vaccinations at local black and brown-owned barbershops and beauty salons. 

4. Paid leave for vaccination: businesses are now supporting their employees in getting vaccinated. By giving employees a paid leave of absence, due to vaccine symptoms, businesses will receive a tax credit to cover the cost of paying the employee. 

5. Free rides from Uber and Lift: if you are struggling to find a ride to your local vaccination site, Uber and Lift are now offering free rides to anyone that needs to receive the vaccine. 

Now, receiving your vaccine is easier than ever. By implementing these five strategies, we will be able to increase the vaccination rate of 50% of adults fully vaccinated to 70% of adults fully vaccinated by July 4. 

Still unconvinced about receiving the vaccine? 

Local businesses and colleges are now offering incentives to get the unvaccinated vaccinated: 

—COVID-19 College Challenge: college administrations can now sign up to take a pledge and commit to getting their students vaccinated by going to

—CVS sweepstakes: CVS has now launched a sweepstake for vaccinated people to enter. The perk? You could win a free cruise, tickets to the Super bowl, and lots of cash and prizes. 

—Door Dash: two million dollars worth of gift cards will be given away to the National Association of Community Health Centers. 

—Major League Baseball vaccinations: major league teams will now offer on-site vaccinations at games with free tickets!

—Microsoft donation: by getting vaccinated, you could help give Xboxes away to the Boys and Girls Club. 

—Kroger: every week, Kroger is giving one person one million dollars, as well as free groceries for a year in their “Community Immunity” program.

—United Airlines: want to win a free flight? United Airlines has launched a sweepstake to MileagePlus members to win a year of free flights. If you aren’t a MileagePlus member but you still received your vaccine, you can still enter to win a free roundtrip to the destination of your choice. 

By taking these steps to receive the vaccine, you have the opportunity to get vaccinated and have fun while doing it. These are just a few of the events you could take part in this month. To find more vaccination sites and incentives, you can go to to learn more. So, who’s ready to get vaccinated? 

Hannah Walker is a health reporter at The Pavlovic Today.

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